London domina ace

You have entered into Mistress Ace's domain, a London based Mistress since 1995.

With a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the industry 'DA' is adept and extremely perceptive and mixes wit, diversity and imagination in to her sessions leaving you mind smacked.

Finally, your safety is paramount to me and I will not engage in ridiculous dangerous stunts which impose on your health both mentally and physically, if this is your wish and you want to dance with your death then you may look elsewhere or I will recommend you to a good psyco-therapist, however, if you agree to play safe, sane and consensual, continue on in........

Wherever I feel that there will not be a connection between us or I cannot take you any further along your journey, I will tell you and recommend someone who can.

Domina Escort in London

Every individual Domina has their own 'style of play' and may specialise in one form of domination from another Domina, it is up to you to find out who is compatible to you, no two Dominas are the same, do not come in to my chambers and ask for the same as your previous Domina, as I will have no interest in hearing it. My own personal prefered 'style of play' is SM, however, I do cater for those wishing to adopt or learn the Dom/Sub role. you will not hear me shout but I will speak to you in a very stern, calm and controlled manner. My presence is enough for most of you.

Three cancellations in a row mean you are excluded from seeing me as this wastes my time, there are NO cancellation fees for you to pay, I believe the former is much more of a punishment and I am not a rip off merchant, if you cannot make it all I need from you is a phonecall of decency to let me know in advance so that your space maybe booked by someone else.

Do NOT enter my chambers inebriated as this impairs on the depth/level and your phsyical amount of activity during your session. Present yourself to me in a clean state, there are shower facilities on site - it’s there for a reason - use it. Personal hygiene is an absolute must. This also ensures you get the maximum out of your session. Failure to use the shower facilities before your session means you will be told to do so or forced to, so save yourself the embarrasement on your behalf.

Manners mean everything to me, I will NOT answer rude emails or reply to impertinent text or phone calls. NO Filming or cameras permitted. Searches will be made before any group scenes or parties to ensure you do not hold cameras on you at any time.

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